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April 2019

As a firm who is proud of our personnel, their long-term commitment to our clients and each other, and honored by our minimal turnover throughout our forty year history as a firm, we are mindful that there comes a time when people want to retire. We have reached that time. Vito and Christine have decided that this year is that time for them. Vito has been the head of our tax department for 34 Years. Christine has done accounting and taxes here for 21 Years. They will both be missed.

The rest of us will continue to service our accounting and tax clients as we have for many years.

Michael Berger, CPA, accounting & taxes here since 1978

Jack Rosenthal, EA, accounting & taxes here since 1979

Elena Kraveski, EA, accounting & taxes here since 1980

Anne Robelen, clerical here since 1981

Liesel Jacullo, clerical here since 1990

Richard Marstellar, CPA, accounting & taxes here since 2000

Beth Friedman, CPA, accounting & taxes here since 2003

Kaitlin Moran, EA, accounting & taxes here since 2005

Brian Kelly, taxes here since 2013

Tania Cabrera, clerical here since 2014

Tova Nicholson, clerical here since 2017

Linda Imhoff, taxes here since 2018

Larissa Janetakis, clerical here since 2018

We remain here to service and advise you as we have always done in the past.

We wish Vito & Christine all the best in the future.