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We are a full service accounting firm in Long Island, NY. That means that our team can handle all of your accounting, tax, and financial needs.

Accounting needs include monthly, quarterly, or annual posting of your accounting records. We generate in-house financial reports from your records so you can see a guide of how your business is progressing through the year compared to the prior year. This gives our team and yours a guide to profitability and tax planning.

We also help you with tax preparation in Long Island, NY.

  • We prepare or review your in-house prepared, payroll tax forms and payments, sales tax forms and payments, vehicle mileage and fuel tax forms and payments, excise tax forms and payments, and tax forms and payments specific to your company.
  • We are available to review these accounting needs with you throughout the year. We prepare, or review your in-house generated, W-2 and 1099 forms and submit them to the Social Security Administration and the IRS.
  • We can also prepare, or review your in-house generated, financial statements for completeness and submit them to banks or other lenders as required.

There are different levels of financial statements based on your needs, and we can prepare any that are necessary. Our financial statement process is reviewed every three years during a rigorous peer review by an outside accounting firm to ensure that we are complying with the most modern standards. Most of your accounting needs are taken care of because we ensure that all of your records are complete and in compliance.

Tax needs include preparing and electronically filing your company tax returns as required by IRS and state tax agencies. Tax needs also include handling audits of your records by various taxing agencies when requested. We also handle tax notices received and disputes. We have been very successful in getting penalty assessments reduced or eliminated. We do tax planning, estate planning in Long Island, NY, and attend to your gift tax needs.

Financial needs include not only financial statement preparation but also financial projections when requested by lenders. We have dealt with all the local banks and have contacts to speed up your borrowing needs. We help you with original loans and refinancing existing loans. This includes loans necessary for cash flow, vehicle and equipment financing, and real property acquisition. We prepare business valuations for many purposes, including potential sales, partner disputes and buy-outs, partner disability, estates, and estate planning, and internal uses.

Tax Planning New York - Michael J. Berger and Co., CPA's LLP
Tax Preparation Long Island - Michael J. Berger and Co., CPA's LLP

We are a full-service accounting firm and have been for forty-three  years. We are located in our own building and have been since 1989. We are CPA’s and Enrolled Agents and undergo annual continued professional education to assure that we are on top of the latest developments in our field. Our accounting and tax staff members have been here long-term and are committed to timely, personalized service. Our computer technology is state of the art and updated continuously.

We are here to assist you in running your company and will work with you to make your company more profitable.

We grow through word of mouth recommendations and would appreciate any referrals from existing clients. Call us today if you want to see how responsive we can be. Our fees are very reasonable and more than competitive. We are successful because of the clients we serve.

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