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During the current pandemic the Internal Revenue Service has been sending out notices to taxpayers for taxes due, even though all payments have been made. Their computer system is all backed up and late in posting payments received, and in many cases already deposited. For a four-week period they stopped all notices because of this, but, they have resumed sending incorrect bills. Our firm can help you respond to these incorrect notices, help you work out payment plans if you do owe money, work with you to resolve other tax assessments by the IRS or your state or help you with tax audits starting or in progress. Our firm has the personnel to work with you to resolve tax issues. We can also prepare the tax returns for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. We do monthly and quarterly accounting and tax work on a regular basis. Our fees are reasonable and we pride ourselves on personalized services.

We can handle correspondence you receive from IRS regarding audits, tax balances, inquiries, discrepancies and other tax matters.  As a CPA firm we can represent you with a power of attorney.

We handle income tax audits for you

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