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The Benefits of Having a Professional Prepare Your Taxes

CPA Long Island

Tax season can be stressful, especially if you are trying to file them yourself. Sure, filing your own taxes is something the average American can do themselves, but it isn’t always the best choice. If you are new to doing taxes, or you find the process confusing and stressful, there are benefits to turning to an accountant to prepare your personal tax return in Long Island, NY.

Ensure You are Getting the Refund You Deserve

The state and federal government take a certain percentage of every paycheck, but they sometimes take more than they should. Depending on your circumstances, such as the number of children you have, whether you bought a home, or got married in that year. Additionally, you may have included additional withholding on your W4 that you can get back. A seasoned tax preparation specialist can help you find every deduction possible, meaning that you will get the refund you deserve.

Ensure that Everything is Filed Correctly

Making a mistake on your taxes can be costly. It can either result in a shrunken refund, or potentially stick you with a higher tax bill than you were expecting. Going to an accountant to prepare your taxes can save you the headache of cleaning up a tax mess. They know the process inside and out, so they can ensure your taxes are filed each year properly.

Ensure that Next Tax Season with Go Smoothly

It is possible that you made a mistake filling out your W4 form when you start your job or filing your 1099-MISC form, or whatever form you needed to fill out at the start of the year. It happens to many people. Your tax professional can tell you exactly where you went wrong so that you can make changes to the forms and enjoy a much better tax refund the next year. Need help filing your taxes? Turn to the professionals at Michal J. Berger and Co. by calling 631.471.3400.