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3 Reasons to Hire an Accountant to Do Your Taxes This Year

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With tax season approaching, you may be assessing your financial situation a little more closely. While many people can simply file their W-2 and leave it at that, some of us are in a more complex situation that can turn tax time into a hassle. If you are in any of the following circumstances, it can pay to hire a CPA to prepare your personal tax return in Long Island, NY.

You Own a Small Business or Work Gigs

It can be challenging to navigate your taxes when you own a small business, as there are many write-offs for which you can qualify. The expertise of a CPA can be beneficial to ensure your taxes are filed as accurately as possible. Additionally, people who work in the gig economy, like driving for Uber, performing, or selling handmade items on a site like Etsy, would benefit from having an accountant help them with their 1099 form.

The IRS has Contacted You

If you have received a letter from the IRS, no matter how innocuous it seems, you should call a certified personal accountant to help you handle it. An accountant can speak the language of the IRS, and make sure that you are giving them the correct information. This can help you avoid an expensive tax problem in the future.

You Own a Rental Property

Investing in real estate can complicate your taxes, so it helps to get some advice from an accountant to make sure you get the deductions you qualify for and that everything is filed correctly.

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