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The Reality Of Going Through A Pandemic

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CPA Long Island

While individuals and businesses have to go through taxation, we assist them with getting through the process without too much trouble. We would also tell them about the constantly changing rules and the new systems in place so that they are informed. At the end of the day, we are trying to create a system where we can save our clients the most money when they are trying to get through a process.

Many changes were coming about through the pandemic, and we had to make sure that we were doing enough so we could adjust to all the changes as best as possible. If we had to predict the changes taking place, we noticed that things were a lot slower now than they were pre-pandemic. Businesses and companies were slowing down on the way that they were hired because they had to adapt to the changes that were taking place. Work was crawling, and businesses were adjusting to the pandemic reality. It was taking out clients some time to get through the processes.

Businesses had to draw up new plans

All businesses were shaken up to some extent or the other through the pandemic. We find some work done remotely. Clients are hesitant to come here or let us go to them, so we have to make sure we work on getting things done without inconveniencing them. When it came to communicating, we could no longer meet our clients in person and had to plan on connecting with them virtually or remotely. We started sending out a lot more emails and handling phone calls and zoom calls so that everyone was on the same page.

For the most part, we were working from the office, but had to make some changes to the way we functioned. We started getting a lot of work done remotely and would coordinate with our clients when they called us. However, if they had to meet in person, we would, at times, call them to the office. However, with things getting back to normal, we were getting back to the old way of communicating, which was meeting them in person.

We missed our face-to-face interactions with clients 

We miss working with our clients in person, sitting down face to face, and talking about their issues, and coordinating them. Although the work still gets done, the process is still not the same, and we preferred the previous approach. Over the last two years, there were many restrictions that we had to get through, including the number of people allowed to enter the office space. However, these have eased up significantly, and they are not as much anymore as in the past two years. Over the last couple of months, we stopped requiring masks in the office, and people were no longer maintaining any distance from one another. In small ways, it felt like things are getting back to the way they were.

While so many changes took place, we tried our best to keep some aspects of the work we were doing constant. Unlike many companies, we did not make any real change in the hours we spent working or the timings we would communicate with our clients. There were times when we were working overtime because remote working meant that we did not take a break and were always working on one thing or another.

We always try to use secure passwords, but the platforms we use for accounting are the same ones we used before the pandemic. We just work on making sure that our clients are comfortable making changes on the platforms we suggest because we are trying to get through the process. Additionally, we are open to meeting them in person if they are open to having a meeting with us. There are times when some of our clients are not open to meeting us in person because of the pandemic, and we would not push them for a meeting but instead find the most convenient way of coordinating with them, so everyone is on the same page. Whenever possible or necessary, we even have virtual meetings and use most of the software that would allow us to get through the process.

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